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Israeli Embassy of Shame

Not so long ago the Israeli Embassy in US embarrassed itself by creating a fake LinkedIn profile for newly elected Iranian President Rouhani. My jaw dropped when I read about it. Not only is it immensely juvenile but it also borders on libel. According to Mondoweiss the fake account proclaims President Rouhani as a “nuclear proliferation expert.” The Embassy also made a scathing tweet from their Twitter account which states President Rouhani is an “expert salesman who is bullish on nuclear proliferation.”
It seems today they were at it again. They posted a photo of Iranians protesting the anniversary of the US coup in Tehran by burning flags with the caption “Imagine them with a bomb”. I am offended and disgusted at the bigotry and hypocrisy of the post. Embassy of ISrael bogotryI understand the political unrest between the two countries but this is more than out of line. Embassies are supposed to be a shining example of the country they represent. What does it say about Israel if their embassy is openly hostile and bigoted? Further, what does it say about Israeli government if they allow this to happen?