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Gaza Under Attack: October 31-November 01, 2013

Last night Israel began a new operation in Gaza and according to IOF it was in response to the tunnel they uncovered leading to Israel in early October. The attacks were concentrated in Khan Younis area and consisted of mostly tank and helicopter shelling but from the Navy and drones as well.
small map Gaza
According to Hamas, 4 Qassam members (armed wing of Hamas) were killed while it is reported 5 Israeli soldiers were injured. All night Israeli drones hovered in the air threatening to attack and many of us lay awake in bed wondering if we would see the sun rise. This attack was small in comparison to last year but worrisome none-the-less.I dread the night coming again for fear it will bring another round. Israeli army prefers to attack us in the dead of night and it is almost sunset. I will update this as well as my twitter feed if we are attacked again. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.