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A Few of My Thoughts on One State or Two: Palestine

I am often asked if I support a one state solution or two state solution. Well my answer is…both.
In my ideal world:

-End of occupation and withdrawal of troops from West Bank and E Jerusalem.
-Removal of Israeli forces from Jordan Border Crossing (Allenby Bridge)
-Creation of elevated train service from Gaza to West Bank under full control of Palestine with Israel controlling the ground under it.
-Removal of all settlers from West Bank
-End of all trade restrictions on Palestine
-Creation of a sustainable economy in Palestine
-Resettlement of 500,000+ Palestinian refugees to West Bank
-Jerusalem to be united and administered as an international zone
-Development of deep-sea port in Gaza controlled by Palestine
-Cessation of all Israeli military incursions and operations in Palestine and cessation of armed resistance attacks from Palestinian factions.
-Banishment of all ultra-national and ultra-religious factions and parties

Under this idea the need for armed factions would disappear and freedom of movement would be re-established. Focus would be on economy and state building not defense. Mutual recognition and diplomacy would replace the current animosity between both entities. People would begin to have normal lives living in peace knowing both people have a right to self determination. Slowly movement of people between states and interaction between the two will increase evolving into a US-Canada model.

20+ Years

-The formation of a bi-national government with equal rights for all people and religions.
-A move to one state will begin with the right of return granted to all refugees- Jewish and Palestinian.
-Two strong economies will merge into one with neither having the upper hand.
-Dissolution of JNF
-Recognition and rights given to Bedouin villages- equality with kibbutz’s
-Prohibition of civilian owned firearms.
-Removal of separation barrier
-Formation of joint military forces and end of mandatory service
-Representation at the UN as a bi-national state

I am far from being a politician or lawyer and theses are just my ideas and thoughts- nothing more.