Gaza Electricity Crisis Week 2

How I spend my time: reading Crime and Punishment by candle light.

How I spend my time: reading Crime and Punishment by candle light.

The fuel shortage here in Gaza continues to worsen and today I received only 4 1/2 hours of electricity. Hospitals & operation rooms, blood banks even laboratories could stop working because due to the fuel shortages. According to the Ministry of Heath “This will ultimately deprive 476 kidney failure patients in Gaza from medical treatment and brings to halt the operation of 113 hospital incubators, 45 operations rooms and caesarean birth rooms…”

It is very difficult to even get a taxi now so university students taking exams next week will have to find alternative ways to get to school.PA is reportedly in negotiations with Egypt to end the crisis and there is fuel from Qatar just waiting to be allowed in- but an agreement on HOW it will cross the border has stopped it thus far. In the years prior, Hamas refused to allow fuel to be shipped in via the crossings with Israel but they had relaxed this rule over the past 1.5 years.

In my house we had begun to rely on electric appliances in order to cook food to save precious cooking fuel. Now with the 12-16 hour blackouts we are forced to use the cooking gas instead. I am worried what will happen when it runs out because cooking gas is almost as hard to find as fuel for cars now. I fear it is going to be a long hard winter for us in Gaza much worse than in the previous years.


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