Smears and Defamation: Just Another Week In Palestine

It has been awhile since I posted about the abuse I receive online. As you all know I support non-violent resistance and don’t believe war will get us anywhere. Perhaps this makes me more of a target because I get abuse from people on BOTH sides of the conflict instead of just one.
Caution: VERY strong Language
Here are a few examples of abuse I have received this week alone


mily threat


jews masks 2

hamant jihadi

evangilna blog smear

evanlina sally hates jews

rose not tinted

rock throwing exile


8 responses to “Smears and Defamation: Just Another Week In Palestine

  1. Sally you must spend an awful lot of time arguing with people on twitter. Tell me honestly; do you really think that you are changing hearts and minds and has it ever occured to you that your time might be more productively spent doing something else?

    • Interesting that you think I should spend my time ‘productively’ doing something else. Do you not believe in advocacy? What do suggest I do? I tweet by experiences here and ppl from everywhere in the world can find out what it is like in Gaza. Seems VERY productive and effective to me or I wouldn’t have so many people threatening and abusing me.

  2. No, that’s not what I said; I asked you if you had ever thought that. And I’m unsure that the numbers of people abusing you is a measure of effectiveness. In some cases I suspect you are hardening attitudes. You should express yourself however you want but I can’t help wondering if your obvious intellectual and advocacy skills might be better employed on something other than twitter. But forgive me, l’m sure you do other things as well.

  3. Dear Sally,

    I wanted to report them to Twitter but I can’t because I need the actual tweets. What you have are screenshots which are not adequate (see

    The next time you receive death threats tweet the threat to me so that I can make a responsible report. We’ll unite against the haters!


  4. Hey Sally! It’s great to read you unconstrained by Twitter’s 140 characters ( and I still argue that a space isn’t a character). The breathing room you have here on your blog will let me enjoy you more fully fleshed-out; your thoughts on life, Gaza, your politics and unique perspective from having lived in DC and NY and now in your ancestral homeland. I’m glad you’ve created this forum, and will read it often. Byron

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