War is Coming…Again

War is coming to us again it seems and in Gaza it is not a matter of ‘if’ but of ‘when’. The Israeli army has been shelling the coast with more frequency the past couple of days and this week has murdered 4 people in the West Bank. Every week I see more and more injustices here and every week I think ‘this will be the last straw, surely the world will wake up now and defend us’ but every week I am disappointed.
Israel is handing out gas masks to its citizens and deploying more air defense systems to the north, US is sending another battle ship… and what are we doing in Gaza? Living like we do any other day. The reality is this: we have no way to defend ourselves. We don’t have air defense- heck- we are not even allowed to have radar systems to track in-coming air strikes! Citizens here don’t have bunkers-they are reserved for Hamas of course. The only thing we can do is pray for peace and keep moving forward.
I have read posts from so many people who side with the US and want them to attack Syria. My guess is these people have never lived through air strikes and war. The situation is Syria is dire but there is so much at play. It is naive to think an attack from the US will magically fix the problem.
I hope with all my heart that US does not strike Syria and finds a way to help them rather than hurt them. It is time for negotiations and talks of peace- not for hypocritical threats about red-lines. Violence begets violence- after all of these years of war- have we not learned this simple lesson yet?


4 responses to “War is Coming…Again

  1. I’m so sorry for you and all the citizens in Gaza. It really hurts my heart that the world rather look the other way then to do the right thing. Unfortunately the only thing i can do with you is pray (unless you think i can do more then you’re free to email me). Insallah there will be justice.

    Take care my siste

  2. I wish I had a magic wand Sally. I wish I could wave it and make Israel suddenly discover a sense of humanity within itself.

    My support for you, your kin, and your people feels so ineffective and impotent but I will continue to support Palestine and oppose Israeli Government policy (re the Occupied Territories) for as long as necessary.

    Take care

    (brazil_gringo from Twitter)

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