The Myth of the Hamas Wedding of 450 Little Girls

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I do not support Hamas. My disdain for them is multifaceted and later posts will explain some of those reasons but this post is not one of them. I might not support Hamas but I certainly will not lie about them. When I see dishonesty and fabrications I will call out the people responsible.
This video has made its rounds on the Anti-Islam sites. It shows a mass wedding here in Gaza which is hosted by Hamas. The problem is they have cut the video to portray the wedding as a mass wedding for child brides.

It is easy to see the girls in the video are flower girls. We have the same system as the West-little girls (usually related to the bride or groom) wear white dresses and they dance and have fun at the reception. I have been to a hundred plus weddings here and danced with my nieces dressed as flower girls and I have been to a hundred plus weddings in the US and done the same. I have yet to see a single wedding video in the West that has been accused of using child brides as this video in Gaza has. I guess people sharing this video don’t think of that point. Logical reasoning gets turned off when it comes to this it seems.
Am I saying there is no such thing as child brides? Certainly not! Sadly it is a cultural problem that exists in many corners of the Earth. Girls Not Brides is a great resource to learn about this. Yes some people in Gaza get married at a younger age than in the West. The legal minimum age for marriage in Palestine is 16 accompanied by parental consent- the same as many Western countries such as Scotland and even the US state of Hawaii.
Many sites have debunked the ‘child brides of Gaza’ accusations. A simple Google search yields photos of the actual brides at that wedding posing with the flower girls.

Those who want to know the truth can find it- unfortunately many want to demonize Palestine in any way they can. I pose a question to you regarding this:
IF we are as bad and ‘savage’ as Israel-supporters claim, why do they need to resort to lies and fabrications to ‘support’ their side? Wouldn’t the truth be proof enough?
Here is a look at some of the Tweets that share this video:

Examples from Twitter

Examples from Twitter


4 responses to “The Myth of the Hamas Wedding of 450 Little Girls

  1. Adage of marriage consent is 16 with parental consent, 18 without, in the rest of Britain. Here in Scotland, it’s 16 with or without parental consent. I well remember the gasps from some guests as the registrar said that at my wedding to my American wife!

  2. Interesting from Wikipedia, sorry I’m in a hurry 🙂 but notice the marriageable age for New Hampshire

  3. Lots of old laws on the books from Colonial times that wouldn’t stand in today’s milieu.

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