Death Threats

Sally Idwedar: A Life in Gaza

Graphic Content Warning: Images contain profanities.
Since I have opened a Twitter account I have received numerous threats and insults. At first I just ignored them and didn’t take them seriously. Over time I started taking screen shots. I decided to share a SMALL selection of the threats and insults I have received on Twitter recently. You might be wondering why I am sent threats- I too used to wonder since I don’t use profanity and don’t attack or insult others. The simple answer is this: I live in Gaza and I am Muslim. Apparently that makes me a target. I have repeatedly stated I do not support violence or Hamas but this doesn’t stop them. It seems anyone who dares to speak out against the Occupation is deemed an enemy and threat.

I reported the person who sent the threats in this first collage and it resulted in the…

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