Death Threats

Graphic Content Warning: Images contain profanities.
Since I have opened a Twitter account I have received numerous threats and insults. At first I just ignored them and didn’t take them seriously. Over time I started taking screen shots. I decided to share a SMALL selection of the threats and insults I have received on Twitter recently. You might be wondering why I am sent threats- I too used to wonder since I don’t use profanity and don’t attack or insult others. The simple answer is this: I live in Gaza and I am Muslim. Apparently that makes me a target. I have repeatedly stated I do not support violence or Hamas but this doesn’t stop them. It seems anyone who dares to speak out against the Occupation is deemed an enemy and threat.

I reported the person who sent the threats in this first collage and it resulted in the man being suspended. He opened a new account though and I am sure I will receive more threats from him.

Death Threats Part 1

Death Threats Part 1

This next group of threats were all reported yet none of the users were suspended.

Random death/violence threats on Twitter

Random death/violence threats on Twitter

This last group is a few random insults I have received over the past couple of months.

Random personal insults from Twitter

Random personal insults from Twitter


10 responses to “Death Threats

  1. Don’t worry my sister they are scared, they can only send insults on twitter but this is unacceptable because some one can give them death threats and I am sure they won’t like it either. I would always support you forever, #FreePalestine #FreeGaza end the siege

  2. Sister this threats are bad but you know that they are just sitting behind a computer screen and they don’t have respect for any Humanity. I am glad you are exposing them they can’t get away with this all the time 🙂

  3. Let’s be honest Sally these people do not know who you are or where you live these are not serious death threats. They are unpleasant and these people should know better but similar threats and nastiness are targeted towards others, such as Israelis who also don’t support violence. It is not that you are a Muslim and live in Gaza that you get threats you cannot claim loathsome trolls for your own. You get threats on the internet just like anyone else who expresses a political view and then argues it as effectively as you do.

  4. I didn’t say it wasn’t a death threat; please reread what I wrote. And you are right; you should not have to deal with this. But you are wise enough to know what people and the internet are like.

  5. Dear Sally,

    Next time you receive such threats pls tweet me and I’ll report to Twitter admin about it. There was a case in the UK recently where Twitter took action when several feminist were threatened by some idiots.

    What you’re doing is important to me. I watch Al Jazeera and I read the British press but nothing beats the insight from someone living in Gaza. Keep it up!


    • Thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it. It’s a shame that this happens- no matter what your views- being threatened with death is wrong. Peace and ❤

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