Rafah Port Closure

Egypt announced yesterday that Rafah Port will be closed indefinitely. Rafah is the only way out of Gaza except for the 2 Israeli controlled crossings which require special permits. I admit I feel nervous when Rafah is closed and my mind comes up with a million ‘what if’ scenarios.

What if I have an accident?

What if I need to go to the US because of an emergency? 

What if I just want to feel like a human being and have freedom of movement?


3 responses to “Rafah Port Closure

  1. Egypt is not thinking of Gaza any more 😦 and they are just now Pleasing the West…. The siege in Gaza needs to come to an end…..

  2. In case of emergencies are there contingencies in which one may appeal to the PA for immediate release from Gaza? I did not intend to say that Palestinians are imprisoned but it does seem that way to me 🙂

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