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Debunking the IDF lie about a mall in Gaza

Debunking the IDF lie about a mall in Gaza

Imagine my surprise when I saw a picture of a towering modern shopping mall that IDF spokesperson claimed to be in Gaza. I was in utter shock! The picture brought back memories of lazy Sunday afternoons in the US wandering store to store browsing in no particular hurry, sitting down having a cup of coffee and making mental plans of where to put this or that newly acquired item. Then shock became frustration as I read the entry to the blog describing how wonderful and care-free life is in Gaza. Are they talking about the SAME Gaza of my realm or were they describing some far off place I have never been? Surely it must be the latter! Sadly no- they were indeed talking about my beloved Gaza as if it were Dubai instead of the besieged and blockaded 360 sq km plot of land that I know so well.
I quickly did a Google Image search to find out where exactly this place they were claiming as Gaza really was. It turns out it is in Malaysia! The search also rendered the same image on numerous pages from India. Could the IDF REALLY have thought they could pull this off with no one noticing? I quickly made a photo collage and tweeted it to everyone I could think of. To my surprise the Electronic Intifada picked up the story and published a scathing report of the false picture. The question in my mind: Why,IF Gaza is so care-free as the IDF claim, did they post a false image and claim it was Gaza?


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